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17 Best Hobbies That Make Money Fast

Have you ever taken a moment and asked yourself “How can I make money from my talents?” Are you aware that you can make good money doing something you truly and deeply love?

Don’t wait to turn your hobbies into a successful business-(start today). If you’re good at a hobby and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment there’s a strong chance you can make money doing it.

Some of you may be thinking…but wait a minute, I really enjoy my job. If you’re fortunate enough to have a job that you really enjoy I’m truly happy for you.

However, most people would prefer to be spending their time doing something they enjoy, something like a fun hobby that makes money.

There are so many hobbies that make money you’d be a fool not to explore a couple of them. People these days have the luxury to pick a hobby that makes money online or a simple money making hobby from home.

This isn’t something you have to commit to full time. You can explore some of these hobbies as a part-time (side gig) or when you have a couple of spare hours throughout the week. As with any other job, there’s the potential to work up to a full-time income if you choose.

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1. Blogging (In my opinion one of the best hobbies that makes money)

Clearly, I’m a bit obsessed with personal finance. I know some of you may be thinking that personal finance is NOT a hobby.  The thing is I really enjoy it, that’s why I started this blog.

I want to help others learn the ins and outs about their finances. I want you to know how to control YOUR money not the other way around!

However, if personal finance isn’t your thing there are blogs out there about literally anything and everything.  Believe me there are travel blogs, fitness blogs, food blogs you name it there’s someone writing about it.

If you are someone who is well versed on a specific topic and you think that others would enjoy learning about the same topic start a blog of your own.

The best part about starting a blog is that it’s very cheap to get started and there’s very little commitment.  You can easily set up a simple website through WordPress, where most of the blog templates are free!  

A blogger can start a blog of their own for less than $5 a month. If you need help getting started this article walks you through how to begin a successful money making blog from start to finish.

If you’re serious about blogging and want to give it a go there’s one particular course that I highly recommend, its Passive Income Pathways. PIPS is a one-stop shop for all things blogging related. Since joining PIPS I’ve seen significant growth with my blog.

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    2. Become A Freelance Writer

    Are you one of those people who can write a novel in a week? If so, first of all I commend you on being able to do so and second I ask, “Why aren’t you doing a bit of freelance writing?”

    A freelance writer is someone who works on a self-employed basis and produces whatever written content is needed by their clients.  

    If you’d prefer to keep your writing as a hobby and not feel the stress of deadlines you can easily publish an ebook on Amazon. The great thing about publishing on Amazon is that a person is able to make a bit of passive income each time a book sells.

    The best thing about becoming a freelance writer is that you can pretty much work from wherever you choose.  What a great way to take your hobby and begin making some good money.

    How much can I make as a freelance writer?

    The more experience you have, the more you will be able to earn. The national average for a freelance writer is $42,120.

    If you want to learn more about becoming a paid freelance writer and the steps you need to take to make money.

    I strongly suggest you read Gina’s tips. Gina shares in-depth lessons and information in her 30-days or less to Freelance Writing Success.  

    3.  Photography

    Do you have a knack for taking beautiful and intriguing pictures? What about taking pictures with your phone? Are you one of those people who can find a Kodak moment out of any opportunity? If so, photography is one of those side hobbies that makes good money.

    Websites and publishers always need photos to back up what they’re saying or provide a better user experience. And most of them don’t have the skills or the time required to take the photos themselves.

    That’s why selling your photos on a website like Etsy can be a great way to make money. Etsy offers a helpful handbook to help you get started with branding, marketing, and how to price your items to succeed. 

    When you create your Etsy store you can set your own prices so your earning potential really has no limit.

    hobbies that make money

    4. Social Media Virtual Assistant

    There are so many social media platforms that exist. If you’re one of those people who knows the ins and outs of the various platforms why not take a look at becoming a virtual assistant (VA)?  

    Entrepreneurs, bloggers, small and large businesses are always looking for the expertise of virtual assistants to help them keep their businesses growing.

    Virtual assistants do a ton of things such as writing articles, creating images for websites, managing emails, …and yes, managing social media pages.    

    If you’re interested in a complete list of services that VA’s offer, check out this FREE resource: 150+ Services You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant (And Get Paid For!)

    If you want to learn more about how to become a virtual assistant click here to read Gina’s tips. Gina created a successful VA business and within 6 months she was earning $4,000. You can learn how to do the same in less than 30 days by clicking here!.

    5. Thrift Store Shopping

    If spending time “thrifting” as I like to call it is what you enjoy, stop by a local thrift store or garage sale to see what gently used items you can find.

    If you’re one of those people who are particularly good at finding gems in these places, then you should look into flipping.

    Flipping simply involves buying something and then re-selling it at a higher price. Flipping is a great side hustle with amazing earning potential.

    For example, Rob and Melissa were able to make $42,000 in their first year of flipping while only working 5-15 hrs per week. In their second year, they made $133,000 working 20 to 30 hours per week!

    Clearly, there’s really good money to be made here.

    To get the biggest return, you’ll want to shop for quality items in great condition without tears, stains, or marks. Also, keep an eye out for new items with tags still attached.

    If you’re interested in flipping, Melissa has made a free course you need to check out 5 Ways to Get FREE Items To Resell for Profit: this is a great book that will help you to learn how to make money by flipping items.

    And guess what?  They’ve made a course showing you exactly how to take your flipping game to the next level, join them in their signature program Flipper University. 

    6. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

    If you’re a pet lover, consider how you can turn your passion for animals into a hobby that makes money.

    Pet sitting through Rover is a sure way to make some good money. If you’re wondering just how much you can really get paid, Rover says that dog sitters who take two to three dogs for two weeks a month can earn approximately $1,000 per month.

    With a neighborhood route, just think of how quickly that can add up!

    Rover is a fantastic company that offers a handful of different services to pet owners such as:

    • Dog walking
    • Doggie Daycare
    • Housesitting
    • Dog Boarding

    To get started with Rover, just fill out their short application to begin being matched with pet owners in your area.


    7. Proofreading

    Caitlin Pyle from Proofread Anywhere made over $43,000 working part-time as a freelance proofreader while traveling abroad and proofing in her free time.

    Are you the kind of person who is passionate about grammar, punctuation, and spelling? Does it drive you crazy when you read something and it appears that the person writing it has never heard of spellcheck?

    If so, proofreading may be the perfect hobby to make some extra money. The bonus? There’s no overhead and you can you work from anywhere you have an internet connection.

    If you’re thinking you’d like to learn more about proofreading, check out this free webinar on how to turn your hobby into profit.

    8. Fitness Instructor

    If you love to workout, consider making some cash teaching others your favorite fitness activities.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean working in a gym, instead, you can go to people’s houses or find a park or community center where you could charge per student and teach a group class.

    If training for endurance sports is how you stay fit, start a first timer’s group. There are plenty of people interested in these types of events who have no clue where to begin.  

    You can create a community of people while doing your favorite hobby that makes you money!

    Another idea for a hobby that makes money is to start a fitness blog. Starting a fitness blog is a great opportunity to make money through affiliate marketing and various products.

    Not sure what affiliate marketing is all about? It’s when you get paid a small commission for recommending products or companies that a person purchases through your blog post.

    If you’d like to find out more about affiliate marketing, check out this course from Michelle. Michelle is SUPER successful making six-figures per month from affiliate marketing on her blog! No! That’s not a typo!

    Heck, why not consider starting a fitness blog?

    9. Handyman

    Are you the kind of person who enjoys tinkering with and fixing things? Are you the person that everyone calls when something isn’t working properly? Lucky you! You have skills that can make money.

    Whether it’s painting, fixing a leaky pipe, putting in a new window or doing some yard work a skilled handyman is always in demand.

    Many people don’t have the time, patience, or ability to tackle household repairs. If you are dependable and excel at some basic handyman skills you can cash in on these skills at Taskrabbit.  

    10. Arts and Crafts That Can Make Money

    If you are an artistic, crafty person who is looking for creative hobby ideas, think about ways to monetize what you love to do by selling your arts and crafts on Etsy.

    Blending your hobby with a passion to earn side income or even full-time money is a great way to make some extra cash.

    Etsy is a great platform for buying and selling handmade goods and supplies. Many people have been very successful using Etsy to sell their crafts online.

    For a small fee, you can take hobbies like jewelry making, crocheting, painting, developing digital art, and start earning money with them.

    Etsy is a popular platform for good reason, last year, almost 30 million shoppers spent more than $2.8 billion on Etsy. Learn more about how you can start making money on Etsy today.

    11. Baking- Make Side Income From Home

    I personally know some amazing bakers (I AM NOT ONE OF THEM- I’m horrible).  For those of you who have this skill, have you ever thought about turning it into a hobby that makes money?

    If you have the talent for baking cakes or other desserts, people will actually pay good money for you to bake amazing treats for birthdays or other special occasions.

    This is a great at home money maker for anyone who’s good baking or maybe even those moms who are looking to earn money as a stay a home mom!

    You could advertise on your local facebook page or you could sell your goods at the community farmers market for some extra cash.

    If you enjoy both baking and writing you could turn these skills into creating your very own food blog.  Food blogs can make a ton of money! Everyone is always searching for that perfect recipe.  Turn your hobbies into an income generating side gig.

    12. Traveling

    Some say traveling is a hobby, some say it’s a lifestyle, and others have no desire to do it.

    In my opinion, I think it’s fantastic! What’s even better is I’ve recently discovered how easy it is to make money while doing it.  And the bonus?  You get a free place to stay.

    Places like Trusted Housesitters are always looking for trustworthy people to housesit while others are away.  It’s a pretty simple way to score a free night of accommodations.

    Or what about, starting a travel blog? It takes some good dedication but you really can make some good money if you stick with it.


    13. Videos

    Do you like watching videos?  By signup up with Swagbucks and completing some of their tasks (watching videos, playing games, using their search engine, etc.) you can earn some extra money.

    You won’t be able to leave your day job, but it’s a good way to earn cash in your spare time. You can easily make a few hundred bucks a year. They also offer a $5 bonus just for signing up.

    14. Teaching

    Yes, teaching is absolutely a hobby that makes money. Some people think of teaching as a job but others really enjoy teaching others their passions.  If there’s a topic that you love to talk about, why not consider creating a course to sell on Teachable.

    There are also amazing money-making opportunities with companies that let you teach English online.

    VIPKID connects teachers with students from 35 different countries for one-on-one English lessons. With flexible hours and good rates, VIPKID is a great way to earn a full time or supplemental income. 

    In fact, Forbes named it as the number 1 company for people who want to work from home!

    A person working with VIPKID can earn up to $22 per hour and only has to work a few hours per day.

    Click here to learn more about Vipkid (and read a review from an actual VIPKID teacher), they are hiring right now!

    15. Got Computer Skills?  Use Them To Freelance

    Fiverr offers opportunities to do a variety of freelance jobs such as graphics and design, programming, writing, marketing, data entry, video animation, and even working as a virtual assistant.  

    If you excel in any of these areas I highly recommend checking them out. Why not take your hobby and turn it into a successful business that makes money online?

    16. Surfing The Internet

    Are you one of those people who is always surfing the web? You should take this hobby and make money online by testing various websites.

    Website creators want to know how the average person’s experience is while using their product. The main job of the tester is to provide quality feedback about their experience while navigating the site.  

    After signing up with User Testing a person can begin making $10 for each website reviewed. You can expect each test to take approximately 20 minutes to finish.

    As you can see, this can add up to some pretty decent money- $30 an hour to surf the web! Oh and No, you don’t have to be a super tech savvy person to sign up with User Testing.

    17. Become a Web Developer

    Are you looking for hobbies that make money online? Learning to become a web developer may be just what you need . The best part is, you don’t even have to be incredibly skilled to get started.

    This next-generation web developer course is overflowing with fresh content and is everything you need to get started.

    You can begin slowly by taking on simple jobs for clients and move up from there. Each time you take on a job you’ll learn something new. Start building powerful apps and cash-earning websites today.


    Final Thoughts About DIY Hobbies That Make Money

    There you have it my 17 favorite ways to make money doing the hobbies you love. I can’t tell you how fortunate we are to have found our hobby that makes money.

    Blogging has afforded us the lifestyle we have always dreamed of. Don’t waste any more time hoping and wishing for more money. You can start making money easily by doing any of these 17 hobbies today.

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    Have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself how can I make money with my talents or hobbies? Are you creative and looking to make money from your hobbies on your free time? There are actually things you can produce to make money. I bet you have skills that make money you haven't even thought about. Don't wait to turn your hobbies into a successful business start now! Learn how you can make a full time or part time money fast. College students Stay at home moms or anyone looking to increase their income can learn something #makemoney #makemoneyfast #howtomakemoney
    hobbies that make money

    How to make money from your favorite hobbies!  This will show you everything you need to know to begin making a part-time or full time income fast! #makemoney #howtomakemoney #waystomakemoney

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