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14 Unnecessary Things To Stop Spending Your Money On

I’m sure you’ve heard before that it’s the little things that count. Did you know that this rings true in regards to your finances also?  It really is the little things that can end up costing you a whole lot of money. 

However, to begin improving your finances it’s going to take a bit more work than just hoping for the best.  A simple but much-needed question needs to be addressed “How To Stop Spending Money On.….clothes, dining out, ridiculous unneeded things, etc…?”.

When saving money and planning for your future is one of your top priorities. It’s a good idea to take a look at your life and figure out ways you can eliminate waste, debt, and unnecessary items.  

As we are getting closer and closer to transitioning our lives to travel and full-time van living we often ask ourselves how to stop spending money on the things in life that we don’t need.

If you are wondering how to stop spending money on unnecessary things I think you’ll find the list below helpful.  It will help you to see the things in your life that can be eliminated to help you to stop spending money you don’t have.

14 Things to Stop Buying to Save you money.  How to Stop Spending Money now!  Must know tips

To get to the place we are today we have trimmed back on many things. For us trimming our lifestyle hasn’t been a bad thing.  In fact, we look at it as allowing us to live a fuller life sooner than later.

We aren’t the people who want to wait until we are 65 to travel the world and have financial freedom.  

We both work our booties off in the medical field and we realize life is short. The medical field makes you realize that sometimes life is waaaay too short.

We are on the quest to live now and live life to the fullest.  By learning how to control our spending habits and eliminate frivolous things we hope to reach our goals sooner.

14 Things to Stop Buying to Save you money.  How to Stop Spending Money now!  Must know tips

Here is the savvy person’s list of how to control spending habits by eliminating  unnecessary things from your shopping list 

1. How To Stop Spend Money On Cleaning Supplies

You know the best cleaner out there?  Vinegar. Vinegar has sooo many uses, it really can replace pretty much all of your cleaning products. Vinegar costs you less than $4 and can do wonders around your house.

You can use vinegar as a window cleaner, weed killer, floor cleaner, dish rinse, and so much more.  Have you ever used a household cleaner that is safe for both cleaning and ingestion?   

If you are a person who turns your nose up at the smell of vinegar drop in some essential oils to boost the cleaning properties while taming the smell.


2. Lip Balms

I must admit I am a bit of a sucker here.  I looove my balms. I have a little storage container with several different tints and flavors.  The beauty companies are excellent at marketing these little balms in pretty little containers to intrigue their customers.  

However, as I am becoming more aware of what I have room for and what I don’t.  I have found my new favorite multi-purpose lip balm. It’s “Alba un-petroleum do anything jelly”  

You can use this as an all-over body moisturizer to soothe and protect against irritation, chafing, and even windburn. It can also be used to remove eye makeup or create a moisture barrier to soothe diaper irritation.  

You can buy a 3.5 oz bottle for less than $4.50 that’s pretty cheap for a multipurpose product!

3. Crafts Supplies

Craft stores are trap for me.  I love making my own jewelry and crafting up good gifts for loved ones but craft stores can be a real money pit. Not only can craft stores drain your bank account but they can leave you with less money for the important things, like groceries and your mortgage.  

When at the craft store only buy what you will use for your project at that time. Buying too much can add a lot of unnecessary clutter to your craft stash. 

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    4. How To Stop Spending Money On Trendy Clothes

    I have never been the kind of person who feels the need to shop a lot or who even enjoys shopping for that matter. I don’t imagine anyone in my life would describe me as a high fashion person and I am ok with that.

    These days I am all about practical spending and being choosy with what I buy. This means that I ask myself if this is something that I truly want and need prior to making the purchase. Practice focusing your budget on fewer, higher quality pieces.

    Remember, you don’t need to buy things just because they are on sale. When deciding to buy something think about whether the item is actually worth spending money on. If you truly think that buying the item will bring you more joy than saving the money then it’s up to you!


    5. Square Footage Isn’t Something To Waste Your Money On

    Who says bigger is better?  You don’t need to have the biggest house on the block to prove yourself.  Good things come in small packages. By purchasing a bigger house you can expect everything to cost more.  

    More space means higher utility cost, higher maintenance costs, higher property taxes, and pricier homeowner insurance premiums.

    By spending less on a house you are able to put money towards the things that matter such as your retirement account and preparing yourself for a life of financial independence.


    6. “Life Changing” Beauty Products

    Wanting to look young and youthful is all the craze these days.  Beauty companies know how to hit us right where it hurts. Our wallets!  Don’t fall victim to the latest and greatest beauty product scheme.

    Before buying more items, look through your collection- do you have similar products? Any possible dupes? Do you really need another bottle of miracle face cream when the 3 others haven’t worked for you in the past?

    Another good thing to remember is to never buy something on impulse.  Take some time and think if you really need the item and if it will bring value to your life.  

    The other day I read a quote that I found very interesting: He who buys what he does not need steals from himself.  So true!  Think about what you can do with the money saved by not buying unnecessary things.  

    7. Dog Toys

    I really love our dogs, they are our kids!  But do you know what I don’t love? The price that dog stores charge for their cute little doggie toys.  I understand that toys purchased specifically from the pet store are supposed to last longer (depending on the dog) but at some point, they all get destroyed. 

    Why would I buy a $20 dog toy when I can go to the thrift store and get a durable stuffed animal for two bucks? I know, I know I sound pretty cheap don’t I? But get this, my dog has no clue! He’s going to treat his new toy the same regardless if it came from the thrift store or not.

    8. How To Stop Spending Money On Cable….

    Ditch it, cut the cord already!  With cable prices at an all-time high, it is time to opt-out of cable and opt-in to a more budget-friendly option such as Netflix or HULU.  

    By streaming your favorite shows through a Fire TV stick you can enjoy thousands of options. You can access movies and popular TV shows through Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO and more.  If you’re looking for other alternatives to cable TV check out this article 

    Remember by cutting the cord you are making room for Financial Independence.

    9. Looking For A Way To Stop Spending Money On Fancy Coffees? 

    Are you a coffee lover? I sure am. I can’t really function until I drink my first cup of sizzlin’ hot brew. However, by making coffee at home and avoiding the pricey coffee shops I am able to save hundreds of dollars a year.  

    Think about it. If you buy a $4 coffee daily – you are paying $28 a week.

    That is $112 per month. (AND… Over $1200 per year).  

    By making your coffee at home you can have another cup whenever you want. If you are looking for a good travel mug for when you are on the go  here is one of my favorites.

    10. Home Decor And Knick-Knacks Aren’t Worth Your Money

    When we purchased our first home I put a significant amount of time and money towards decorating and personalizing it to our tastes.  Believe me, I am by no means an interior decorator but I liked spending money and pretending that I was.

    Now that I’m simplifying my life I realize how much of a waste it is to buy pieces that you lose interest in so quickly.  Instead of decorating with all of the trends from West Elm or Pottery Barn we have chosen to decorate with our beautiful travel photos and items we have collected that add meaning to our lives.

    11. Ditch Your Expensive Cell Phone Plan

    Have you heard of Republic Wireless and their inexpensive cell phone plans? They offer cell phone plans with no overages, no activation fees, no roaming charges, and no contracts.  You can easily switch your plan up to twice a month if you need to.

    Republic Wireless rates start at $15 for unlimited talk and text and $5 per GB of LTE cell data!

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      12. How To Stop Spending Money On Expensive Food

      Purchasing name brand groceries over generic can really add up over time. Choosing the cheaper option can result in over 25% savings. Based on this price comparison, a person can save at least $60 when choosing the generic brand over name brands each month.

      We recently starting using Brandless and absolutely love it.  Brandless is an organic, fair trade, and vegan online retailer who sells everything for only $3.

      Since we are talking about generic brands remember to chat with your pharmacist about generic prescription options. Don’t get caught up paying too much for your everyday medications.


      14 Things to Stop Buying to Save you money.  How to Stop Spending Money now!  Must know tips

      13. How To Stop Spending So Much Money When Eating Out

      I love good food. If my budget allowed I would eat out multiple times a week.  I’m a person who enjoys the ambiance of restaurants and the eclectic flavors of a new dish.

      However, I know that eating out regularly does not fit into our life goals.  Achieving financial independence is much more important to us than adding some extra pounds through the food I eat.  

      When we do choose to dine out we often eat during the lunch hours when entrees are several dollars cheaper. If we are out during the dinner hours I try to order from the happy hour menu or even the appetizer list to save some extra cash.


      14. Travel Size Products

      As you have discovered I am becoming more and more choosy with the items that enter my life.  I am all for small and compact but you won’t catch me paying money for overpriced travel sized products.  I do feel that certain travel products have their place in the world but most are a complete waste of money. 


      38 Creative Ways To Save You Money You Haven’t Heard Of!

      14 Things to Stop Buying to Save you money.  How to Stop Spending Money now!  Must know tips

      Final Thoughts Of How To Stop Spending Money

      Don’t worry if some of these ideas are a bit overwhelming in the beginning. By slowly implementing these ideas you can begin to free up money for the more important things in life.  

      It has taken me several years to become the money conscious person I am today.  By staying focused on your budget and taking small steps you will get to your money saving goals too!

      I often spend time thinking of how I can stop spending money on various items in my life? I also think I of ways to live frugally on a limited income or even just one income. 

      Are these things you ever consider?  Do you have any ideas you can share of how to live frugally on one income?  If so, I’d love to hear leave me a comment below! 

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      14 things to stop wasting money on

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