How To Save Money For Travel- See What The World Has To Offer

Do you love the freedom of travel but sometimes being low on funds gets in your way? Have you been wondering what does it take to save money for travel?

If so, I can’t wait to share with you my favorite money-saving travel hacks to help you afford your next vacation.

I’m all about travel and figuring out ways to explore the world. I am a true believer in experiences over things and possessions. I believe that by seeing the world it opens us up to having a better understanding of one another.

If you’re from the same mindset let’s dive in and learn the various ways you can save money so you can see the world.

12 Tools For Saving Money For Travel


Have you ever thought about creating a savings account just for travel? If not, I highly recommend you give it some thought. This Travel and Leisure article discusses various actions you can take to help you afford your dream vacation.

Creating a travel savings account is the perfect way to save money for a trip that is 4 months down the road or even longer.

If you aren’t familiar with creating a travel fund read this article about sinking funds. Creating various sinking funds allows you to save for the things that matter most to you.

You’re in charge -you get to decide what kind of sinking funds are best for you and your situation.

If you are looking for an online bank that’ll help you save money for a trip fast while giving you the most bang for your buck you have to check out CITbank.

Citbank offers high yield savings accounts with no monthly fees and you can open one with as little as $100.

Citbank’s most popular addition is the Savings Builder account, where you can earn a very impressive 2.45% annual percentage yield. You qualify for that rate if you have a balance of at least $25,000 or you deposit at least $100 each month.

Take advantage of putting your money in bank that’ll make you money.

Click here to learn about CITbank

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Have you heard about Ibotta yet? If not this is a great way to save money on your everyday groceries. All you have to do is snap a photo of your grocery receipt using the Ibotta app and money will be deposited into your Ibotta account.

The best part about signing up for Ibotta is they give new people like yourself $10 after redeeming your first in-store offer.

Sign up for Ibotta here


It took me some time before I regularly started to use Ebates as a way to save money on my shopping. I had seen others recommend it yet I was unsure of how it all worked.

Fast forward to a year later and I’m so glad that I found this amazing cash back program.

Ebates is one of the easiest ways to earn cash on all your shopping. It works by looking into your shopping cart and applying various coupon codes to the purchases you make.

Here’s the 3 Step Process to get your Ebates account up and running today.

1.Create your FREE Ebates account here and receive your $10 signup bonus
2.Download the Ebates button
3.Earn free money when you shop online at your favorite retailers

Honestly, you should check it out. I am amazed by how many different retailers have partnered with Ebates.

Sign up here using this Ebates link and after you make your first purchase Ebates will give you $10 welcome bonus!

how to save money to see the world


The Honey app is awesome and is a must for anyone who shops online. Honey finds you the best discount codes on the internet saving you tons of time and money.

I’m a bargain shopper and Honey scans for the cheapest price on the products I’m buying to give me the best deal. While I was shopping the other day I hit the Honey extension button and Honey found me a 40% off coupon.

Prior to using the honey app, I would google the best coupons and never be able to find the deals that Honey can find.

Honey is free to use and it’s a definite win when it comes to online shopping

Sign up here to join Honey today


Who doesn’t want to trim their current bills? Trim is a one stop shop when it comes to helping you with your bills. Trim is an app that works to cancel subscriptions, negotiates bills, and even find you better car insurance prices.

What I like most about Trim is that it analyzes your accounts to find recurring subscriptions and charges. Once it’s identified these charges it runs them through an algorithm to determine where you can save money.

Start saving money with Trim here


Have a bit of free time while standing in line at the grocery store? What about at home while you are watching your favorite TV show?

If you use the Swag browser opposed to the Google browser you can make some good cash.

Who doesn’t want free money from searching the web?

If you convert to using the Swag browser you’ll soon begin to realize how much money you’ve been missing out on in the past. This is a super easy way to save money for your next vacation.

Sign up for Swagbucks here


Ok, if you find you have a bit more idle time filling out surveys is a great way to make some extra cash.

Filling out surveys is so simple and can be done just about anywhere. You aren’t going to get rich by filling out surveys but heck who doesn’t want an extra $10 for giving your opinion.

I enjoy surveys because I’m a fan of sharing my opinion to help companies better themselves.

Here are a few of my favorite survey companies

Survey Junkie
I say

Want to find other online survey companies to make money? Don’t miss this article where you’ll learn about 9 other companies you can sign up with to make money today.


Cash envelope systems work by helping you save and budget your money. Adopting the cash system will help you save for the things that matter most.

Unfamiliar with how the cash system works?

Read this it will walk you through how you should divvy up your cash into pre-determined envelopes.

If your goal is to save for travel then you should create yourself a travel cash envelope.

This 12 budget laminated envelope system makes it super easy to budget. The envelopes are high quality and build to last. They’re also pretty.

I’ve tried the cheap office envelopes in the past and they just get tattered up and ripped in the bottom of my purse.

Keep yourself organized with one of these great cash envelope wallets and these envelopes.


Declutter is a website that sells refurbished electronics after they have been through the companies refurbish process.

We’ve used Decluttr to sell our old iPhones to make a good chunk of money.

With declutter you can get an instant valuation of your item, ship for free and cha-ching make money.

We’ve found that Decluttr pays the most for tech items out of many of the other companies around.

And yes, they have a good following. They’ve paid over $300 million to over 6 million customers.

Sign up for Decluttr here


GasBuddy is a money-saving travel app for people who want to save on gas. Ok, Really? Who doesn’t want to save money on gas?

GasBuddy will tell you the cheapest gas in your area and even reward you when you enter new gas prices in your area.

There have been so many times when we are on a road trip that we’ve seen huge variances in gas prices. By using the GasBuddy app it will tell you who has the cheapest in your proximity.

Saving 40 cents on a vehicle that has a 15-gallon tank can really add up to big savings


Being a huge fan of travel you better believe I love the Groupon “Getaway” section.

The packages that Groupon showcases for discounted prices are incredible. You’ll be blown away with where you can travel at a fraction of the cost.

We used Groupon for a ski vacation in Park City Utah. We were able to find a condo with a hot tub and discounted lift tickets for $200 a night. Oh, and I forgot to mention the condo was within walking distance to the resort.

This amazing vacation deal isn’t rare or one of those things where it’s too good to be true.

Nope, Groupon offers amazing deals like this all the time.

Looking to get out of town and head down to Cancun? You can find deals for $250 a night at 4-5 stars with an ocean view room and direct access to the beach.

And guess what? It’s all inclusive. All meals, snacks, and beverages are free of charge. This deal even advertises $75 in resort credits and a mini-bar in your hotel full of beer and snacks for free

Sign up for Groupon Getaways HERE


The reality is if you are traveling to a new destination you’ll most likely be doing a ton of walking.

Why not earn money walking around as you would normally do? If you use Sweatcoin you can earn a bit of extra cash.

Sweatcoin is a smartphone app that pays you to get your walk on! Yep, it pays you to walk outside.

Can you smell that fresh air?

The app uses your phones pedometer to count your steps and your phone’s GPS to see your location. When it notices you are walking outside you make money.

Sign up for sweatcoin here!


Sometimes being able to wrap your head around all of the costs associated with travel can be quite overwhelming. I found this fancy tool, it’s a saving for travel calculator that will you determine how much money you need for your next dream vacation

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    There you have it some of my favorite ways to save money for travel. I love adventuring and seeing the world. What are some of the hacks you do so that you are able to travel? Leave a comment below I’d love to hear your ideas.

    how to save money for travel
    Have you been wondering how much money should I save for traveling or how much do you need to save to travel for a year? Did you know that there are apps to help you save for a trip.Yes, and they are helpful. Read this post to learn how can I save money for a vacation?
    Travel hacks to save money on travel. Learn how to save money to afford the vacation of your dreams #savemoney #howtosavemoney #travel
    Are you trying to save money for travel but not sure where to begin? Check out these amazing tip and hacks to help you save money for your next vacation that you probably haven't heard of before
    Are you trying to save money for travel but not sure where to begin? Check out these amazing tip and hacks to help you save money for your next vacation that you probably haven't heard of before. #travel #savemoney #vacation
    Are you trying to save money for travel but not sure where to begin? Check out these amazing tip and hacks to help you save money for your next vacation that you probably haven't heard of before.  We've used these same tip to save money for vacation and want to help you do the same. Save these money saving tips to your board so you can find them later #travel #savemoney #vacation

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