8 Chic Cash Envelope Wallets For Gaining Control Of Your Money

Cash Envelope Budget Wallet

Have you been looking around trying to find the perfect organization system for your cash envelope budget?  I totally get it! Having loose wrinkled up envelopes in the bottom of your purse can make a person feel pretty disorganized.  

That’s why I’ve come up with the best cash envelope wallets to help you gain control of your finances.

When trying to decide what cash envelope wallet will work best for you, you’ll want to consider the size of the wallet.  You don’t want to purchase something that is clunky and unattractive. I’ve done my research and am providing you with the most stylish, sleek and functional wallets on the market today.

If you are curious which wallet I chose for my cash budget it was the Savvycents Wallet and I highly recommend it!

This wallet is great! It has made the envelope system so much easier to manage!  I no longer have cash envelopes scattered throughout my purse getting all wrinkled up.  This wallet is a definite win for me!

Here Are The Best Cash Envelope Wallets

1. Savvycents Wallet

If these Savvycents wallets were trying to win a popularity contest they would take first place! Savvycents cash envelope wallets have received great reviews and are super stylish.  These wallets are affordable and come in seven different designs and colors.

I like that they have a useful clutch strap that can also be easily stowed when not in use. I’ve really enjoyed the accordion style file system and the five dividers for my cash envelope system.  

An added bonus to this wallet is that they come with pre-printed and blank labels to customize the wallet to your budget categories.

2. Bella Taylor Cash System Wallets

These Bella Taylor Wallets are another super popular and affordable option coming in right behind the Savvycents wallet.  These wallets are fantastic because they have just the right amount of space for your cash envelope system without feeling stuffed or bulky.  

The great part about these wallets is that the cash compartments can be securely closed with a stretchy snap.

When doing my research it looked like Bella Taylor Cash System Wallets were on backorder through Amazon so if you can’t find them here check Bitloom Co’s website. 

3. The Savvy Spender Clutch Wallet

Envelope Budget Wallet The Savvy Spender Clutch Wallet

The Divvy Savvy Spender clutch has a place for everything!  This is absolutely perfect for all of you budgetnistas out there!  Its designed just for the cash envelope system.  

The bonus to this cash envelope wallet system is that there are 5 fabric envelopes with a small disk magnet to keep your cash secure! It comes with 12 adhesive labels so that you can personalize each envelope to your specific budgeting categories.

4. Fossil Emma RFID Zip Wallet

These Fossil Emma RFID wallets are on the pricier side but I’m a fan of the RFID so I had to include them.  People are raving about the functionality of these wallets. They are one of those do “it all” wallets that can hold all of your cards, change, cash and phone in a zippered and secure fashion.  

I like that it has 2 “hidden” spaces on the side for tucking away last minute items. This is a great wallet for those using the “clip system” who are looking for a secure and fully enclosed wallet.

5. Thrifty Zippers

What I like about this Thrifty Zippers wallet is that it has six zippered envelope sections.  It’s really pretty practical for anyone who’s using the cash envelope system or is into couponing.

I have to admit the pattern and design isn’t my favorite but it’s a fabulous contender for getting the job done.  It comes in an array of different colors and designs you may find something perfect for yourself!

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    6.Great Divide Cash System Wallet

    The Great Divide Wallet by Divvy Up has a lot to offer. It’s large enough to carry all your wallet necessities yet slim enough to carry around in your bag.  There is plenty of storage for your credit cards and other belongings and it comes with 5 fabric cash envelopes.

    The features I like are the zippered pouch along with the 2 additional storage pockets.  I find that this is one of the classier wallets with a zip around closure which keeps all five of the cash envelopes secure inside the wallet.

    You can even order more Divvy Up Budgeting Cash Envelopes iyou need more than five budgeting envelopes.

    7. LOVESHE Bohemian Style Clutch Purse

    I absolutely love these bright, colorful and unique wallets from Lovshe! There are 40 different colors and designs to choose from! The one drawback to these wallets is that they don’t have the accordion style divider system that many other wallets have.  

    However, I chose to include it anyway because they are super affordable (coming in at $20) and functional. If you are one of those people who use the clip system (clips to organize your money) rather than an envelope system this could be perfect for you.

    8. Leather Clutch Cash Envelope Wallet

    Talk about sleek and classy. This leather wallet from Finelaer is one of those that does the job without letting others know you are a compulsive cash budgeter.  I like the classic look and accordion style wallet with just enough slots to hold your cards.

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      Wait I missed it… What Is The Cash Envelope Budgeting System?

      Ok perhaps you’ve gotten this far and didn’t realize that I’m providing you this info because these wallets are perfect for the cash budgeting system.  

      If you are curious what this cash envelope system is all about let me start by saying its the simplest budgeting method around.  Really! You get some envelopes, categorize them (groceries, beauty, clothing), fill them with a predetermined amount of cash and only spend what’s in the envelope for that specific category.  That’s really all there is to it.

      By using cash envelopes to budget your money you’re really only able to spend the cash you have.  When the cash runs out, that’s it it’s gone!

      Final Thoughts

      How has the cash budgeting system been working for you?  Have you found other cash wallets that people would find beneficial that aren’t on this list?  I’d love to know about other wallets that may be more functional, leave me a comment!

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      cash envelope wallet


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