39 Cute Summer Nail Ideas You Have To Try This Year

Summer is finally here and we’re getting ready for brighter clothes especially bright nails for the summer. 

Planning your summer nail designs ahead is what we all do getting ready for beach days and summer night parties. 

Summer is all about fun and we can’t have fun without getting our summer nails done recreating one of the trending summer nail designs on socials.

Not only this, your summer nails will reflect your mood which is why a lot of girls choose bright summer nail colors to bring the sunshine to their lives.

From bright summer nails, to short neon summer nail designs, to colorful summer nail designs, you’ll end up with the cutest summer nail designs for this year to upgrade your manicure and take it to the next level.

1. Baby Blue Swirls Summer Nails

Image Credit: TwinkleNailsShop

2. Blue Nail Designs

Image Credit: TwinkleNailsShop

3. Pink Nails With Flowers Summer Nail Designs

Photo Credit: TwinkleNailsShop

4. Mix Matches Nails

Image Credit: MixMatchesNails

5. Sweet Pink Mate Nails

Image Credit: TwinkleNailsShop

6. Miley Blue French Yellow Smiley Summer Nails

Image Credit: NailMailbyKhlo

7. Wet Drop Nails

Image Credit: FingerPopp

8. Rainbow Summer Nails

Image Credit: BodaciousNails

9. Pocket Full of Sunshine Nails

Image Credit: SiallNails

10. Pastel Nail Set

Image Credit: BijouNailDesigns

11. Neon Marble Summer Nails

Image Credit NailFreakBoutique

12. Bright Colored Summer Swirls

Image Credit: DemureGoods

13. Abstract Summer Nails

Image Credit: lowlifenails

14. Summer Swirls

Image Credit: _IvyBeauty

15. Glittery Summer Nails Tips

Image Credit: Pop_Polished

16. Pink Swirls for Summer

Image Credit: Ivybeauty_

17. Short Neon Summer Nails

Image Credit: Lindseysbeautylounge1

18. Long Pink And GreenSummer Nail Design

Image Credit Magdula.es

19. Banana With Leopard Nails

Image Credit: Megdula.es

20. Funky Summer Nails

Image Credit: allnails._

21. Tennis Ball Green Nails

Image Credit: Allnails._

22. Ocean Waves Summer Nails

Image Credit: Nailsbysmf

23. Half Moon Fruit Nails

Image Credit: deansnails

24. Ombre Matte Summer Nails

Image Credit: karwaszewska.indigo

25. Fairytale Nails

Image Credit: _Karebeauty_

27. Summer with Glittery Swirls

Image Credit: nailsbyharriet_

27. Vibrant Summer Nail Designs

Image Credit nailswithaby

28. Lemon Nails

Image Credit: nailswithaby

29. All Shades of Pink Nails

Image Credit: tiffanyabbigailebeauty

30. Summer Nail Colors

Image Credit: disseynails

31. Summer Florals

Image Credit: _karebeauty_

32. Summer Holidays Vibes

Image Credit: sansungnails

33. Cosmic Cherry Summer Nails

Image Credit: sansungnails

34. Blue Summer Nails with Flowers

Image Credit: ingridraiana_

35. Butterfly Summer Nails

Image Credit: VWnails_

36. Orange Dream Summer Nails

Image Credit: nailsbynicole._

37. Bright Summer Nails

Image Credit: nailsbysmf

38. Matcha Spring Nails

Image Credit: Polished_Yogi

39. Mint Green Tips Pretty Summer Nails

Image Credit: Gelsbybry

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