best stocking stuffers for men

Best Stocking Stuffers Ideas For Men 2022

Looking for some inspirational ideas for what to put in your main mans Christmas stocking this year? He’ll absolutely love these ideas that are unique and affordable yet practical and usable.

1. Magnetic Wristband for Hardware

The handyman in your life will love that you thought of something like this to put in his stocking.  You will definitely score some points getting him this gift!

2. Skinny Wallet

These low profile skinny wallets are the perfect stocking stuffer. No one wants to be walking down the street with a big bulky wallet in their back pocket.  Keep things discreet with this nice slim wallet.

3. Working Hand Cream

The winter weather can definitely be drying on a person’s hands, Okeefe hand cream is the perfect stocking stuffer for keeping hands from cracking.

4. Cozy Socks

Everyone likes a pair of nice cozy socks that will keep their feet warm during the chilly months.  These are perfect to stuff in his stocking this year.

5. Beard Kit 

Yes these exist beard kits are a thing.

6. Gerber Multi-Function HandTool

Every man in your life needs a multi-purpose tool, great for everything!

7. Flex Grip Work Gloves

A man can never have too many work gloves, these will fit perfectly in his stocking this year.

8. Whiskey Ice Stones

 Never let his whiskey get watered down again these whiskey ice stones are great for keeping a beverage chilled without the ice. 

9. Headlamp

Another must have.  You never know when the power will go out and you need a headlamp to find your way to the power box.

10. Deodorant Diversion Safe

This is absolutely perfect for the man in your life who travels.  This will keep all his valuables safe. The funny part is he’ll think you got him some deodorant in his stocking until he reads the outside of the package.

12. FitDeck Exercise Cards

These are great for the active man in your life or even someone who is just getting into fitness. Take the thinking and planning out of your workouts with these great workout cards

13. Portable Phone Charger

We all can use an extra battery pack for our phones. This is a great cheap stocking stuffer gift.  

14. Cord Organizer

These are great for keeping loose cords organized and tidy. No one wants to have to undo knots each time they pull a phone cord out of their bag

15. Gum For The Car

Everyone can use some gum for those unexpected meetings.

16. Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

Does the man in your life think he can handle the heat?  See how he fairs with Ghost Pepper Hot sauce –Ghost peppers are said to be one of the spiciest!

17. Beer Soap

The beer lovers in your life will love this.  

18. Compact Key Holder/Organizer

Help him to keep all of his keys organized.  This is a perfect idea for those who are looking for less bulk

19. Multi-Purpose Charger

Never let something go dead again with this multi-purpose charger.  This is a great stocking stuffer idea for anyone in your life.

20. Hand Grip Strength Trainer

Strengthener or stress reliever you pick!  My husband bought one of these specifically for long road trips while driving.  I know I know both hands should be on the wheel but when you on a straight road for hundreds of miles it can get pretty boring.

20. HitchSafe Key Vault

The perfect fix for stashing your belonging when you are heading into a concert or event.

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    best stocking stuffer ideas for men
    best stocking stuffer ideas for men

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