39 Heart Nails That Will Make Your Heart Throb

In the world of nail art, there’s always something new and exciting to try.

And this season, we’re falling head over heels for heart nails!

From delicate and romantic designs to bold and playful statements, heart nails are taking the beauty world by storm.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, spreading love all year round, or simply looking to add a touch of whimsy to your manicure, heart nails offer endless possibilities for creativity and self-expression.

We’ll explore everything you need to know about this charming nail trend, from design ideas and inspiration to tips for achieving the perfect heart-shaped manicure.

1. French Tip Almond Heart Nails

Image Credit: amberjhnails

French tip almond heart nails combine the classic elegance of French tips with a modern twist, featuring almond-shaped nails with heart-shaped white tips for a chic and romantic nail art design.

2. Triple French Tip Heart Nails

Image Credit: Allnails._

Triple French tip heart nails add a unique and romantic twist to the classic French manicure, with three sets of heart-shaped white tips adorning the nails for an intricate and charming nail art style.

3. Beautiful Intricate Red Design Nails

Beautiful intricate red design nails showcase a stunning and detailed manicure, featuring a rich red hue adorned with intricate and captivating nail art designs for a bold and eye-catching look.

4. Glitter Red Heart Nails

Image Credit: Nailshuney

Glitter red heart nails offer a sparkling and romantic nail art style, featuring red nails embellished with shimmering glitter and heart-shaped designs for a dazzling and love-themed manicure.

5. Burgundy Nails With Hearts And Diamonds

Image Credit: _bettynails_

Burgundy nails with hearts and diamonds bring a touch of luxury and romance to your manicure, featuring deep burgundy-colored nails adorned with heart and diamond-shaped embellishments for an elegant and captivating nail art design.

6. Red Hearts White Background Nails

Image Credit: Tatooary

Red hearts on a white background nails create a simple yet charming manicure, with a clean white base adorned with bold red heart-shaped designs for a classic and romantic nail art style.

7. Pink Plaid and Heart Nails For Valentines

Image Credit: Playing_With_Nails

Pink plaid and heart nails for Valentine’s Day offer a playful and festive manicure, combining pink plaid patterns with adorable heart accents for a sweet and love-themed nail art design perfect for the holiday.

8. Glitter Hearts And Cutout Hearts

Image Credit: Ellielouisenails

Glitter hearts and cutout hearts nails offer a dynamic and textured manicure, featuring a combination of sparkling glitter hearts and nail cutouts with heart-shaped designs for a glamorous and eye-catching nail art style.

9. Classic French Tips With Cute Red Hearts

Image Credit: NailBlissByJulia

Classic French tips with cute red hearts nails deliver a timeless and romantic manicure, featuring the iconic French manicure with the addition of adorable red heart accents for a sweet and elegant nail art design.

10. Valentine’s Polka Dot French Tip Nails

Image Credit: Ellielouisenails

Valentine’s polka dot French tip nails combine the classic French manicure with a playful twist, featuring white tips adorned with charming red polka dots for a festive and romantic nail art design perfect for Valentine’s Day.

11. Pink Red Flowers And Hearts

Pink, red flowers, and hearts nails offer a lovely and romantic manicure, featuring pink and red hues with intricate flower and heart-shaped designs for a charming and affectionate nail art style.

12. Simple Touch Pink Nails

Simple touch pink nails embody understated elegance, showcasing a clean and minimalist style with a soft pink hue for a subtle and sophisticated manicure.

13. Hearts and Flower Nails

Hearts and flower nails combine the sweetness of hearts with the beauty of floral designs, featuring nail art adorned with charming heart and flower motifs for a delightful and romantic manicure.

14. Black and White French Tips With Heart

Image Credit: Heygreatnails

Black and white French tips with a heart accent nails create a chic and modern manicure, featuring classic French tips in black and white with the addition of a single red heart accent for a bold and romantic nail art design.

15. Simple And Cute Red Heart Nails

Simple and cute red heart nails offer a charming and minimalist manicure, showcasing a clean and classic red hue with adorable heart-shaped designs for a sweet and understated nail art style.

16. Gold Hearts On Long Nails

Image Credit: Hot Press Nail Co

Gold hearts on long nails provide a luxurious and elegant manicure, featuring extended nails adorned with shimmering gold heart-shaped designs for a glamorous and eye-catching nail art style.

17. True Sweater Nails With Hearts

True sweater nails with hearts replicate the cozy and textured appearance of knit sweaters, often featuring intricate sweater-like patterns with the addition of adorable heart accents for a warm and charming nail art design.

18. Simple Heart Nail

Image Credit: Lady Trouse

A simple heart nail design embodies understated elegance, featuring a clean and minimalist style with a single heart-shaped accent for a sweet and subtle manicure.

19. Blue French Tips With Red Hearts

Image Credit: Amberjhnails

Blue French tips with red hearts nails combine the classic French manicure with a playful twist, featuring blue-tipped nails adorned with adorable red heart accents for a charming and romantic nail art design.

20. Stiletto Almond Shaped Black Heart Nails

Image Credit: Nailsbyharriet_

Stiletto almond-shaped black heart nails offer a bold and edgy manicure, with pointed almond-shaped nails adorned with striking black heart designs for a chic and eye-catching nail art style.

21. Vine Of Hearts Nails

Vine of hearts nails showcase a whimsical and romantic design, featuring a delicate vine-like pattern adorned with intertwined heart motifs for a charming and nature-inspired nail art style.

22. Black And White Heart Nails

Image Credit: Gelsbybry

23. Sparkly Gel Nails With Hearts

24. Pretty Pink Long Nails

Image Credit: thehotblend

25. Hot Burgundy Nails

Image Credit: ClebleNails

26. Pastel Pink Shiny Nails With Black Hearts

Image Credit: pomalowanki_iowna_wilk

27. Polka Dot Pink Heart Valentine Nails

Image Credit: jadeandpolished

28. All The Pinks Valentine Nails

29. Black Vine Heart Valentine Nails

30. The Ultimate Sweater Nail

31. Classic Red Heart Valentine Nails

Image Credit: Inabeauties

32. Long Valentine Nails With Hearts

Image Credit: NailsbyLis

33. Simple Clear Almond Nails

Image Credit: Iramshelton

34. Matte Pink And Shiny Valentine Heart Nails

Image Credit: Caroline.e

35. Standout Nails With Hearts

Image Credit napazokciach

36. Beautiful Long French Tip Nails

Image Credit: nails.by.zo_

37. Light Pink Nails That Are Simple

Image Credit: polished_yogi

38. Pastel Tips And Hearts Valentine Nails

Image Credit: iramshelton

38. Fire Red Nails With Tiny Hearts

Image Credit: amberjhnails

39. Simple And Cute Gray And Pink Valentine Nails

Wrapping Up The Best Valentine Nail With Hearts

Heart nails are a delightful and versatile trend that allows you to express your love and creativity through your manicure.

Whether you prefer subtle and romantic designs or bold and playful statements, there’s a heart nail look for every style and occasion.

From Valentine’s Day celebrations to everyday wear, these charming designs are sure to add a touch of sweetness to your fingertips.

So why not embrace the love and whimsy of heart nails and let your manicure speak volumes about your personality and passion?

With endless possibilities for customization and expression, the heart nail trend is here to stay, reminding us all to wear our hearts on our nails with pride.