23 Mouth Watering Campfire Cocktails

1. S’mores Martini Campfire Cocktail

best campfire cocktails
Courtesy: Host the Toast

2. Hot Toddy Campfire Drinks– A Favorite Campfire Whiskey Cocktail

3. Hot Buttered Rum-One Of Our Favorite Bonfire Alcoholic Drinks

4. Baileys and Coffee

Courtesy: Baileys

5. Hot Buttered Irish Whiskey Campfire Cocktail

Courtesy: The Spruce Eats

6. Fireball Hot Cider

bonfire night cocktails
Courtesy: Honey B’s Kitchen

7. Hot Spiced Cider with Rum 

8. Campfire Whiskey Sour

bonfire drinks
Courtesy: Camille Styles

9. Campfire Mulled Wine

Courtesy: Fresh Off The Grid

10. Irish Coffee

11. Smoky Margarita- Perfect Summer Campfire Drink

smoky marg bonfire drinks
Courtesy: Diffords Guide

12. Maple Campfire Old-Fashioned

Courtesy: Diffords Guide

This traditional cocktail gets an upgrade with the addition of maple syrup. Its rich, warm flavors, with the distinct sweetness of maple syrup and the subtle smokiness of bourbon, blend harmoniou

13. Campfire Hot Chocolate With Peanut Butter Whiskey

Courtesy: Champagne Tastes

14. Whiskey Ginger Camping Cocktail

15. Jalepeno Margarita

Image Credit: Laura Loves To Cook

16. Hibiscus Dark And Stormy

Image Credit: The Fresh Cooky

17. White Russian Campfire Cocktail

Image Credit: A Couple Cooks

18. Adult Capri Suns

Image Credit: Dining With Alice

19. Michelada

Image Credit: Snow Peak