How To Increase Blog Traffic

increase blog traffic

Whether you monetize your site or just want followers to interact with, it’s all about traffic.  There are many strategies to drive people to your site and it can get overwhelming.  We will show you how to increase blog traffic using proven techniques that have worked for us.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a huge one folks.  If I could go back and start over, SEO would be first on my list.  Don’t make the same mistake I made and rush into building a site without understanding SEO.  

Mike at Stupid Simple SEO has proven over and over again that he can build top ranking sites quickly.  He’s shown this through multiple trial websites all of which made a lot of money.  

Unlike social traffic which requires work to maintain, Google traffic is mostly passive.  In addition, search engines are not likely to go away which can’t be said for these social networks.

Mike offers a course that we took and highly recommend.  Getting SEO right from the very start of a website is so important.  I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of starting a blog.  It really is a game changer.

If you already have a site it’s even more important to start optimizing for SEO.  Relying on social traffic is a gamble and not nearly as safe as Google traffic.

increase blog traffic

Pinterest Strategy

All social platforms have algorithms that decide just how traffic is directed back towards your site.  Pinterest in 2018 went through some changes that had some big affects.  These changes along with the manual Vs. scheduled pinning debate are talked about.

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Affiliate Marketing

You don’t have to be in the blogging circle very long to hear the name Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.  She operates Making Sense of Cents and has a ridiculously successful website.  To the tune of over $100,000 a month.

Michelle offers a course on blogging that we took and here’s an honest review of what we thought.

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increase blog traffic

HTTPS – Are You Up To Date?

The requirement for HTTPS went into affect in July of 2018.  I’m surprised at how many people I see without the necessary security upgrade.  Not having HTTPS will kill your SEO and significantly hurt your pageviews.

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