Crystals For Focus: Stay Motivated and Focused With These Crystals

Crystals are incredibly useful in our everyday lives. The energy and vibrations they put off can go a long way in helping make your life easier from sleeping to helping deal with issues in your relationships.

The possibilities are endless. These crystals are some top pics for helping to improve your focus. Whether you are working on a big goal for your future or preparing for a test, these crystals will help you get your mind on track and keep it there.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a true master crystal. This crystal is great for focusing and amplifying energy. Because of this, it is also a wonderful way for us to improve our own focus. Try wearing clear quartz while you are studying or take the time to meditate with a clear quartz point before you take a test or have a meeting that requires your focus.


During times of deep stress, you can use hematite to help ground yourself making it easier to focus on what is important. This is a smart choice to wear when you have a big stressful meeting that needs you to be grounded, focused, and ready to take on the world.

You can find bracelets and pendants that feature this wonderful grounding stone. This stone can enhance creativity and bring clarity making it a great option for keeping near your workspace.


Amethyst is an amazing crystal with so many uses. This crystal can help with healing and is a wonderful tool for clearing the mind making it easier to focus.

Amethyst can help to bring new ideas to life, turn thoughts into action, and make major changes in your life. Wear this crystal if you are looking to bring success into your life.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a very grounding stone but at the same time like clear quartz is magnifying. This crystal makes a great addition to your collection. Keep this crystal in spaces you relax to help calm your mind and in areas where you work to add mental clarity and focus into your life.


Sodalite, like other blue crystals, helps the mind. This crystal is great for focus and mental clarity. During rough times when it may be hard to see a situation clearly this crystal makes for a great tool that will help you get through even the worst situations. If you are feeling overwhelmed or struggling to find inspiration try wearing this crystal and even sleeping with it at night.

Tigers Eye

Tigers eye is a true power crystal. This stone is often used for success and money. When you want to increase the success of your business you intentionally put it in your office where you work.

This same trick is also useful for focus when it comes to working, studying, or personal projects. If you tend to struggle with focus try wearing a tiger’s eye or placing it near your work space. For a bigger boost of success try red tiger’s eye. Blue tigers eye is great if you need tranquility and to relieve stress to bring yourself back to focus.

Crystals For Focus: Stay Motivated and Focused With These Crystals

Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation and focus to stay on track and accomplish our goals. If you’re struggling with concentration or finding yourself getting easily distracted, I hope these crystals can help you stay focused and motivated.